12 Easy Steps to a Healthier You

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Woman measuring her stomach with a tape measure.

When you have a household to run, even just a small one, it takes up all of your time and energy. You don’t care that you’re looking after yourself like you should, as long as the kids are happy right? But if you aren’t at your 100% best both physically and mentally, how can you ensure your kids stay happy?

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Mummy Me Time

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It’s 02:30 am. I can’t sleep, so I get up for a drink of water and somehow, an hour later I’m at my PC watching Friends re-runs on Netflix and playing Shop Heroes on my phone. I can’t seem to stop, even though I’m exhausted.

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Naughty Corner

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A few tips on implementing the naughty corner for your toddler. It’s never too early to start instilling discipline. It’s tough, it’s mostly tough on the parent! Follow these steps to help you mould a more pleasant, emotionally balanced and well-behaved toddler.

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DIY Play Sand & Messy Play

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A guide to try messy play at home. A fun and exciting activity for any toddler to enjoy sensory exploration.

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Sticky Dinosaur Game for Your Toddler

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A fun (and cheap) homemade game for your toddler, which doubles as a nice little decorative corner for their room. Sticky dinosaur cards for the wall!

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