DIY Playsand Pits

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Not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on a great play sandpit, or you simply don’t have space for it. But all kids love playing in sand. I thought I’d share with you a few tips on making your own DIY play sand pits.

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How to Find Mom Friends

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Becoming a parents means a lot of things in your life will change. They’ll all change for the best, believe me! One thing which a lot of new mothers find difficult is not having the support of other mothers. Here is a quick guide to help you find new lasting friendships in other mothers.

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Tips for Keeping Busy During School Holidays

School breaks can be quite tough for working parents (even for the stay at home mums!) when you have a toddler or little one full of energy who is used to a day filled a with activities. I’ve decided to do another list of ways to entertain, inspire and teach your kids during the school break.

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