Tips for Keeping Busy During School Holidays

School breaks can be quite tough for working parents (even for the stay at home mums!) when you have a toddler or little one full of energy who is used to a day filled a with activities. I’ve decided to do another list of ways to entertain, inspire and teach your kids during the school break.

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Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

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Do you feel overwhelmed by today’s technology? Do you worry about how apparently ‘kids use to play outside and walk to their friend’s houses instead of texting’ and that you’re being a bad parent for allowing inside play and mobile phones?

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What Does International Women’s Day Mean To You

Today is international women’s day. But what does this mean to you? What does it mean to anyone really? I hear it every year and I get generic images spammed to my social media. I thought I’d dedicate today to figuring out what this day means to me.

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Dealing With Mummy Guilt

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I had endured years of discrimination because I’m a woman and I was expressing my frustration with some of the difficulties I have faced since becoming a mother. My husband doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get how it feels to give everything and still feel like you have failed.

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