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I get asked a lot by other mummy bloggers, what my biggest struggle is as a mother. There are a lot. My biggest struggle is house work… if I had to be more specific, laundry. I thought I’d do a poll and blog about the outcome.

I thought instead of asking about what we struggle with the most, I’d ask about your biggest fear. I’ll list a few and if you think that I missed an important one you would like added, please drop me a message using our contact form and I’ll add it on!

Please note, these are fears related to actual parenting… any parents worse fear is easily if something awful were to happen like illness, death (to a themselves as well as their kids), abduction, molestation, etc. These are things which we should definitely take steps to prevent, which I’ll talk about in future posts. But for the purpose of this poll, these are fears regarding your ability to be a good parents.

What is your biggest fear, as a Mother

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