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Having a 3-year-old is Like Being Hazed for a Sorority

After hearing another hilarious story from one of my friends about her 3-year-old, I decided to put together a post with some of the funny things that have happened to us during motherhood.

  • At 5 am my 3-year-old woke me up, pressed right up against my face saying she is going to sneeze… then sneezed.
  • I took my 3-year-old out of the bath, dried him off and went to get his clothes from the folded laundry on my bed. Upon returning to his room, about 15 seconds later, he was squatting on the floor trying to clean the poop off of his little plastic Spider-Man. He had another bath.
  • I explained to my 3-year-old that sometimes Mummys have blood and it’s not a nappy and it happens every month. From there on out he constantly tries to stick his head between my legs to see if there’s blood.
  • My 2-year-old can’t say the word sucking properly. After getting rid of her dummy, she kept sucking her finger. She’d likely to loudly announce in public that she was either sucking her finger or a lollipop. She couldn’t say the ‘S’, instead, it got replaced with an ‘F’.
  • I had met my friend’s little one for the first time one day, as I was going to be doing some babysitting for her. After about an hour of playing, my 4-year-old told me I need to get into his playhouse because I need to go to jail for hitting him. (I don’t ever hit him!)

  • We were out for a meal one afternoon when my daughter was about 3 or 4. As I picked her up to help her onto her seat she accidentally kicked me and loudly apologised for kicking mummy in the vagina. There were giggles throughout the restaurant.
  • My 3-year-old enjoys eating while on the potty, she also prefers to have her potty facing the window as she likes to sit and watch the world while she poops and eats.

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